Ky-Mani Marley funding Falmouth United Football Club

Singer Ky-Mani Marley, who now divides his time between Miami and Falmouth, is committed to improving conditions for the youth of that town by his funding of a community football team, Falmouth United Football Club. 
Ky-Mani is also refurbishing Falmouth's Elleston Wakeland Youth Center and its adjacent football field, home of Falmouth United, a facility where he spent much of his early childhood.
He said his main objective is to bring back the youth center so the children have somewhere to go, play and be safe.
He also has plans to provide table tennis lessons there, open a computer lab and begin evening classes at the center in basic reading and math to give youths a push start to a better future.
Aerial shots of Elleston Wakeland Youth Center's field and a Falmouth United football match are featured in the opening frames of the video for Ky-Mani's latest single, Best Thing.
He also penned an autobiography, Dear Dad, which details his tough upbringing in the tenement yards of his Falmouth, Jamaica, birthplace and in Miami's notorious Liberty City ghetto where his family relocated when he was six years old.

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