R. Kelly's music streams still rising following docuseries

Streaming for controversial R&B singer R. Kelly's music continues to rise.
Following the January 3-5 airing of Lifetime's six-part docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, on-demand streams of R. Kelly's music soared, as did his Wikipedia page views. 
However, radio airplay has plunged for the R&B star.
On Saturday, the third and final day of the airing of Surviving R. Kelly, on-demand streams of Kelly's music rose by 116 per cent in the U.S.
Kelly's catalog of songs collected 4.3 million streams, up from 1.9 million two days before.
The most-streamed songs for R. Kelly were: Ignition up 80 per cent, Trapped in the Closet up 230 per cent, Bump N' Grind up 94 per cent.
Kelly's songs tallied 14.5 million streams during the January 3-6 period, versus 8.8 million on December 30 to January 2.
Viewers have searched for more information on Kelly since Surviving R. Kelly first aired.
He drew 3,000 Wikipedia page views prior to the documentary and up to 57,000 daily views after. 

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