Difficult terrain a serious challenge for police in troubled East Kingston communities

The Police have acknowledged that some geographical factors are limiting their own ease of movement and are aiding gunmen in sections of East Kingston where violence erupted on the weekend.

Superintendent Victor Hamilton, Commanding Officer for the East Kingston police division, explained Monday on RJR’s Beyond the Headlines that that houses which were abandoned by fearful residents are being used as cover for gunmen whenever they are engaging in shootouts with the police.

Pockets of violence erupted on Sunday in sections of Mountain View Avenue and Rockfort after gunmen engaged the police.

This reportedly stemmed from the police intervening in a shootout between rival gunmen.

Superintendent Hamilton said that the area has always been challenging for the police because of the mountainous backdrop and the haphazard building layout in some areas.

He acknowledged that this challenge has been increasing because of householders have fled the area.

“We had ambitions there for people to settle but because of the violence a lot of persons have moved out, so there are a lot of unfinished houses, which (now) house these men… from both areas, so it’s … a really difficult area,” he said.

He added that the terrain of Wareika Hills was particularly difficult for the security forces to in their pursuit of the criminals.


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