Finance Ministry rejects POA wage claim

The Ministry of Finance has rejected the wage claim submitted by the Police Officers Association (POA) which represents high ranking members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
The POA requested a salary adjustment of 17 per cent in year one and 11 per cent in year two.
The Finance Ministry is offering 16 per cent over four years.
It has also offered to increase education assistance to children of the officers and members of the High Command who want to pursue higher education and move the funeral grant to $500,000 for members who die in the line of duty.
The Ministry has also offered to cover legal fees for senior officers charged in the line of duty.
However, no fund has been established to provide the assistance.
In a recent meeting with the POA, the Ministry requested approval from the senior officers to pay the proposed five per cent increase with this month's salary.
The Ministry argued that without the approval, the retroactive sum would not be made until the 2019/2020 financial year in keeping with the IMF's wage to GDP ratio of 9.5 per cent.
There is no word on the response of the Police Officers Association.

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