Flash flood alert extended

The Meteorological Service says Jamaicans should brace for more heavy rains throughout Sunday.

Heavy rains since Friday night have caused flooding in Eastern and Central parishes.

Bracing for a hefty bill 

Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie says the government is bracing for another hefty bill to restore communities following the latest rains.

McKenzie said the reports he has received so far suggest Manchester and Clarendon are the parishes hardest hit by the heavy rains.


“It is early days to say exactly the extent of what has taken place. But regardless it is going to add challenges to the problems we are presently experiencing. We are just waiting on the rains to subside and the technical teams to do their assessment. But the indications are that we are in for very rough times this season.”

Clarendon was hit hard by heavy rains in May and is still recovering.

Meanwhile, south St Elizabeth in the vicinity of Treasure Beach was also affected by the flood rains.

Former President for the Treasure Beach Citizens Alert Group, Elleston Dillion says while they were preparing for the rain, the volume of water was more than expected.

The rains caused ponds in the area to overflow causing heavy flooding.Dillion says he is concerned the problem could be exacerbated by a hurricane.

“Very soon if these drains are not in place with the hurricane season coming up. -we are going to be in serious trouble. Calabash Bay is a low lying area and is very flood prone.”

Dillons says he is also concerned that the floods will have a negative impact on crops grown in south St Elizabeth.

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