INDECOM questions lack of disciplinary proceedings for senior cops

Terrence Williams
The Independent Commission of Investigations (IDECOM) has expressed concern about a lack of disciplinary proceedings for senior members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force who are implicated in misconduct. 
INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams said submissions have been made for disciplinary actions for 20 senior officers to the Police Service Commission (PSC) as well as the Commissioner of Police.
He said despite submissions made, dating back to 2013, action is yet to be taken.
According to Mr. Williams, this is because although the PSC is supposed to have a "measure of independence," it is "hobbled" by them having to rely on reports from the Commissioner of Police. When these reports are delayed, the PSC is then unable to proceed with disciplinary proceedings.  
This, the INDECOM Commissioner argued, only highlights that "the independent authority that the PSC is supposed to have for disciplinary proceedings for gazetted officers is, in practice, an illusion." 
He said disciplinary action on senior police members have been stymied due to a lack of cooperation from commissioners of police since 2013.

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