Israeli police threaten Prime Minister Netanyahu with bribery charges

Israeli police say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be charged regarding alleged bribery cases.
A police statement said there is enough evidence to indict Mr. Netanyahu for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in two separate cases.
Speaking on Israeli television, Mr. Netanyahu said the allegations were baseless and he would continue as prime minister.
One case centres on an allegation that Mr. Netanyahu asked the publisher of an Israeli newspaper for positive coverage in exchange for help in reining in a rival publication.
Police said the editor should also face charges.
The second allegation centres on a claim that Mr. Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister since 2009, received more than US$100,000 in gifts from a Hollywood mogul and other supporters.
The Jerusalem Post said the gifts included champagne and cigars, and were given in exchange for help getting Israeli businessman Arnon Milchan a US visa.
Police said Mr. Milchan should face bribery charges.

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