JATOO pushing for 100 per cent fare increase

Louis Barton
The Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators (JATOO) is pushing for a 100 per cent increase in bus and taxi fares amid rising fuel prices.
Louis Barton, President of the association, says the last time transport operators received a fare increase was 2013, when the average price of gas was $80 per litre. 
Mr. Barton says now the price of gas is about $170 per litre.
It is against that background that he believes the 100 per cent fare increase being requested is reasonable.
"I know it's hard on the Jamaican public right now, but we have been asking for the correct economic fare increase over the past 10-15 years and we have always got something less than what is required, so we end up being way behind...," he said.  
JATOO is also pushing for a system to be implemented whereby bus and taxi fares are automatically adjusted based on input costs. 
Addressing journalists earlier this week, Transport Minister Robert Montague said the government was not contemplating granting an increase in bus and taxi fares at this time.

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