JUGC urges PM to appoint new minister of Science, Energy and Technology

Reverend Adinhair Jones and Prime Minister Andrew Holness
The Jamaica Umbrella Group of Churches (JUGC) is urging Prime Minister Andrew Holness to move with alacrity to appoint a new Minister of Science, Energy and Technology. 
Reverend Adinhair Jones, the chairman of the group, says he understands the need for Mr. Holness to take two weeks to review boards as well as systems and procedures of the ministry to determine who should be given portfolio responsibility.
However, Reverend Jones says the Prime Minister should not exceed that time limit to ensure that "there is no overload and crowding at the Office of the Prime Minister" and that the ministries can be properly aligned with the instructions given to the new board. 
Restoring public trust 
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has given details on his decision to assume responsibility for the Energy portfolio.
Addressing members of the board of the Petroleum Corporation of  Jamaica (PCJ) on Thursday, Mr. Holness said the aim is to restore public trust following allegations of weaknesses in the management of the State-run oil refinery, Petrojam.
Mr. Holness added that there is also greater public scrutiny, accusations and condemnation in the wake of the Petrojam scandal.
He said the portfolio will remain at the Office of the Prime Minister until he is assured that public confidence has been restored. 

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