Justice Minister outlines measures to prevent mentally ill from being 'lost" in the system

Justice Minister Senator Mark Golding, has outlined measures aimed at preventing persons from being undocumented and lost in the island's correctional system.
This is in response to the case involving Delroy McIntosh, a mentally ill man who remained in prison for 25 years, after being arrested for possession of  a ganja spliff. The case has sparked outrage and disbelief, and again thrown the spotlight on the country's justice system.
Senator Golding told RJR News there is an ongoing project to deal with similar situations where persons are unfit to plead to the offences for which they are charged. However, he is proposing a protocol for consideration to prevent further occurrences. He said the proposal would see a person who is unfit to plead not being held beyond the time that the charge would attract. Being unfit to plead should not be a factor in holding a person any longer. 
In the meantime, the Justice Minister is making enquiries into the case of  Mr McIntosh. And there are other proposals being explored aimed at preventing similar situations from occurring in the prison system. Human rights attorney, Nancy Anderson, is making an attempt to deal with the problem through available channels in the court system. This should include referrring the case to a health clinic for evaluation and the continued mentioning of the case.

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