Man of unsound mind poses as traffic cop in St. Elizabeth

Dennis Brown, a resident of Red Bank in St. Elizabeth, speaking with RJR correspondent Rodney Longmore
RJR News has learnt of a bizarre incident in St. Elizabeth in which a man of unsound mind donned a police uniform and carried out traffic checks.
It is reported that the man went into the Junction police station last Wednesday night while the guardroom was unmanned.
RJR News has been informed that the mentally ill man stole a police uniform, vest, belt and a helmet. 
He then went to the Red Bank community the following day, dressed in the clothes and carried out traffic checks.
People began to notice that he was mentally ill and called the Junction police.
The man was taken to hospital for treatment.
When contacted Tuesday afternoon, Superintendent Catherine Lord, Commanding Officer for the St. Elizabeth Police, said she was in a meeting and would respond to RJR News at a later time.

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