RADA urged to speed up assessment of flood damage on agriculture sector

Norman Grant
A call is being made for the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) to speed up its assessment of the effects of the latest flood rains which resulted in the loss of crops and livestock in several parishes. 
The call comes from the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS).
In an interview with RJR News, JAS President Norman Grant said farmers in St. Mary, Portland, St. Thomas and St. Ann lost crops and livestock due to the rains. 
Preliminary reports revealed that cash crops were mainly affected.
Mr. Grant has asked that RADA completes the assessment as soon as possible "and some relief programme be agreed (on to) assist the farmers across the parishes who were affected."
According to Mr. Grant, a long term plan of action is needed to deal with the effects of weather events on the agricultural sector.
"There's gonna be a need to create a long term river training plan, especially for the Rio Grande and those farmers who live in districts that (are) very close to the river... and also to ensure that we are dealing with any infrastructural mitigation issues, clearing of roads, building retaining walls where walls are required," he insisted.  

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