Second escapee from Linstead lock-up recaptured

A second escapee from the Linstead lock up in St. Catherine has been recaptured.
He is 22 year old Daniel James of Troja, St. Catherine, who was being held on a rape charge.
The police say he was held about 7:30 Thursday morning.
Another escapee, Alwayne Shakespear, was recaptured shortly after the jailbreak in the Linstead market.
Those at large are 28 year old Ezroy Cohen and 24 year old Damion Daley, both residents of Banbury in Linstead.
Cohen is charged with burglary and rape, while Daley is charged with Arson.
The other escapees are 29 year old Anthony Jarrett, of Mountain Pass, Linstead and Church Pen, Old Harbour and 25 year old Shane Wellington of Cassava Pond, Ewarton in St. Catherine.
Both are charged with murder.
The Linstead police say they went to make checks about 9:30 Wednesday morning and discovered that the inmates had escaped.

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