Wanted man shot dead by police in St. Ann

A wanted man has been fatally shot by the St. Ann police.
He is 30 year old Jermaine James otherwise called Max and Taff of  Elgin Street, Denham Town, Kingston and Windsor, St. Ann's Bay.
Mr. James was killed about 12:35 Thursday afternoon in Windsor.
According to the police, he was shot after he challenged a team which was on foot patrol.
The police say a gun and 16 rounds of ammunition were taken from him.
They say Mr. James was wanted for the murder of Gawayne Lincoln on March 18 last year in the Kingston Western Police Division.
He was also a person of interest in the shooting and injuring of a man in Windsor on November 19 last year.
This increases to three the number of persons shot and killed by the St. Ann Police in the past two days.
Two men, one who was wanted, and another who was a person of  interest, were killed by a patrol team in Parry Town on Wednesday morning.

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