NWA to intensify drain cleaning programme

In the wake of  last weekend's rains which caused flooding in sections of  the island the National Works Agency (NWA) will be intensifying its drain cleaning programme.

NWA Communications Manager, Stephen Shaw, says this will include re-visiting drains islandwide that were cleaned under the pre-hurricane mitigation programme.

Shaw told RJR News that  some drains need to be cleaned again given the intensity of  rains since April.

“The pre-hurricane mitigation programme targeted approximately 192 drains around the island. We had to do a little shifting as a result of the rains between May 13 and 18 . We have now the programme that we usually implement just about when the season gets underway and that is what we are turning our attention to in short order.” 

Meanwhile, the NWA, will this morning try to clear debris on some roads in Manchester, St Elizabeth and St Thomas following the weekend's showers.

In Clarendon   - the parish  is again in recovery mode following the recent rains. 

According to the chairman of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation Winston Maragh, the community of  Toll Gate was hard hit

Jamaica Public Service   

 Up to late last night, the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) was working to restore electricity after some customers experienced a disruption in service due to the rains.

“Over the weekend we did see some improvement in some areas in particular in Clarendon. However we do have customers out in Hanover, St. Ann and St. Catherine and we are working to restore them,” said JPS Corporate Communication Officer, Audrey Williams.

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